Commercial Appraisals

SunBelt Appraisals is proud to offer services that provide our clients with commercial appraisals across Central Florida. Our commercial division has experienced staff that are certified and licensed for non-residential valuations. SunBelt Appraisals can accept assignments for numerous developments such as vacant land, apartment buildings, multi-purpose buildings, and other commercial properties.

Our commitment to accuracy, user-friendly reporting, and excellent customer service remains one of the company's highest values. Due to the added complexity of commercial and industrial property valuations, you need an appraisal team that can prepare clear reports with proven conclusions. Our team of professionals will help guide your business and investment decisions.

Why Choose SunBelt Appraisals For Your Commercial Valuations Needs?

  • Accurate and reliable
  • Thoroughly documented
  • Flexible reporting formats
  • Local experience
  • Competitively priced
  • Certified appraisals
  • Fast communication
  • Excellent customer service

An often overshadowed component of a good appraisal is the quality of the research materials that are used. For example, a builder is only as good as the tools that they use, and an appraiser is only as accurate as his data. SunBelt Appraisals stays current with databases and commercialspecific resources so that our appraisals are always using the most accurate data to complete their research. Our commitment to detail leads to appraisals reports that contain a vast amount of relevant and insightful information about the market, the specific property, comparables, trend, and approaches to values.

What Kind of Commercial Appraisal Report Do You Need?

Narrative Reports

This report is often considered the most detailed. It's presented as a self-contained, long-format document with addendums, calculation worksheets, comparables, photos, and maps. This final report is a stand-alone report that contains all the information our clients need to have the clearest possible picture of the real subject property being analyzed.

Although this reporting format is typically used for more significant transactions or more complicated properties; end users need a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the value. SunBelt Appraisals strive to keep the report as concise and straightforward as possible. For less intensive needs, we provide a summary and restricted-use narrative formats.

Foam Reports

These reports are completed on standard layouts and fieldsets. They are only appropriate for a summary or restricted reporting requirement. Although scaled down in size, these reports need an appraiser to perform all the same analysis as the more complex narrative report. The main difference is that all the resources and materials are included. Therefore, the appraisal retains related materials used in his or her research within their workfile.

Desktop Appraisals

The most streamlined reporting product available, the desktop appraisal does not require a field inspection of the property itself. Instead, the appraiser relies on data provided by the client, which sometimes include a previous appraisal or a property questionnaire.

SunBelt Appraisals go above and beyond to ensure our reports are filled with accurate and relevant information. Our company paints a picture of how the value of the property is being appraised. We track the most advanced information, which allows our company to provide clients with the best available market data, imagery, and exhibits. With a vast amount of experience delivering accurate commercial appraisals with a focus on customer service; SunBelt Appraisals has become Orlando's leading commercial property appraisals in the Central Florida area. We take pride in completing appraisals with integrity, professionalism, and respect for the client's needs. Give us a call today, and you can be our next happy client.